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Professional Painters – Frisco, TX

How Do You Get Started? We Can Help

Preparing Your Interior

Woman taking painting down from wall

  • Collect any precious items and knickknacks from the mantles and tables and store them safely.
  • Remove paintings and pictures from the walls. While our team would obviously never paint over these items, we don’t want to accidentally misplace them!
  • Make sure any and all pets are secured in other areas of the house throughout the project process.
  • Take down any “child-proof” or “pet-proof” gates.
  • If we are painting in the closet, make sure to remove everything from within so that we can maneuver easily.

How We Will Prepare the Interior

Men prepping walls for painting

  • Our team members will remove all furniture from the affected rooms.
  • Any present drapery will be removed and then reinstalled by us after the paint job is complete.
  • If the painting project requires multiple days, fresh plastic will be used every time.
  • All switches and outlet plates will be safely removed and then replaced later on.
  • If any areas that require repairs were covered in our initial estimate, we will take care of these issues before painting begins (including sanding, replacing sheetrock, taping, etc).
  • If the client has requested texturizing, this will be provided.
  • Any cracks and nail holes will be properly filled.
  • Any cracks along the ceiling crowns, doorjambs, and baseboards will be sufficiently caulked.
  • All wood surfaces will be cleaned, scuffed, and sanded.
  • Any existing wallpaper will be 100% removed.

Preparing Your Exterior

Beautfiully painted home exterior

  • Make sure your sprinklers are completely turned off and no longer on timers during the project’s lifespan! Not only will unexpected water negatively affect a new paint job, but our team members certainly don’t want to get doused either.
  • Remove any wall hangings, plants, or other valuable items from the outside spaces.
  • Make sure pets are properly cleaned up after and rehomed in secure areas.

How We Will Prepare the Exterior

Power washing side of house

  • Our team will start by power washing all of the surfaces to be painted, removing mildew, sand, dirt, and much more. Any especially gentle areas will be cleaned by hand.
  • Loose paint will be thoroughly removed through hand scraping.
  • Bare or new wood will be primed so that it can more easily accept the new paint.
  • Windows and entrances will be properly caulked, including any major wood joints. This approach can help you save on your air conditioning bill!