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5 Safe, Classic Colors to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

May 13, 2022

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gray to paint your kitchen cabinets

There are tons of vibrant, fun colors out there. Orange, yellow, or even red can even brighten up and enliven a space on the walls, but, honestly, these colors simply do not work on kitchen cabinets beyond certain time periods in the past. Unless you want to give everyone flashbacks to the 60s or another decade, you should consider a more classic color that endures.  

While jumping on the latest fad bandwagon can be fun temporarily, rapidly changing tastes of designers can leave your kitchen looking dated even if you updated it not too long ago. You may want your cabinets to stay in style longer than a few years before you have to redo them. You should think about these five classic colors when painting your kitchen cabinets.


No other color brings a clean, refreshing tone to the kitchen like white cabinets. A crisp white makes the space feel more airy and light, and it pairs well with essentially any other color scheme. In addition, this neutral works with almost any style—modern, farmhouse, traditional, whatever!

However, not everyone likes a true white, but an off-white or a warm or cool version of white may have a similar effect but be more stylized to your personal taste.


Like most whites, gray is a common neutral that goes perfectly with many colors and styles, but it can also give the space depth. Dark gray cabinets in particular can raise the sophistication of the kitchen without the need to commit to black. As an added bonus, the dark gray can hide little scuffs and other flaws.


If you would like to make a bold statement with your kitchen cabinets, you could consider choosing black. This deep, rich color can transform the kitchen into the chic center of your home. Going completely black may be overwhelming, in which case you could do the bottom cabinets in black and the upper cabinets in a contrasting neutral shade. Another alternative is painting the island black while leaving the other cabinets another color.

Navy Blue

Compared to other colors, navy has weathered the test of time. This color is unique in that it makes metal finishes (like copper or brass) and wood really pop. In the kitchen, your faucets, handles, and other features can stand out as well!

Sage Green

You don’t have to pick one of the neutral colors; sage green is still considered a safe, lasting color. It comes and goes, but it repeatedly stays in designers’ favor. It also brings in a nature-inspired calm feeling to the space. If you want just a hint of this color, you can put it on your island cabinetry only.

In the end, you can turn your kitchen into a time capsule or a timeless space in your home by selecting the right color for the cabinets. Choosing one of these colors can ensure that your kitchen will look good for years to come.

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