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How Can the Color You Paint Your House Affect Your Mood?

February 17, 2021

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There’s a reason why grocery stores, fancy restaurants, and different types of businesses choose certain color schemes for the inside of their buildings. It’s because of a study dating back to 1912, where famous French researchers discovered that colors can have psychological effects on people, both good and bad. Since then, color psychology has been used to market to certain people, as a form of therapy, and to help an everyday person turn their bedroom or living room into a place that helps them feel a certain way. Read on to learn how color can affect your mood and how you can paint your home to lift your spirits and revitalize you during stressful times.

The History of Color Psychology

Back in the 19th century, empirical data collected by French researchers hinted at the fact that color can psychologically impact a person. In fact, even before this was realized, ancient communities from Egypt and China utilized colors as a method to heal people, and today, color therapy is used in holistic and alternative treatments.

Certain Colors & How They Make You Feel

The theory is that certain colors trigger an emotional and physical response, such as:

  • Red stimulates the body and mind and increases circulation.
  • Yellow invigorates nerves and purifies the body.
  • Orange increases energy levels and helps heal the lungs.
  • Blue eases pain and quells illness.
  • Indigo helps treat skin problems.

The Latest Research on Color Psychology

Color psychology isn’t an exact science. In fact, many modern psychologists are highly skeptical about color therapy and believe that certain effects of colors are exaggerated to bolster this phenomenon’s hype. However, everybody’s different, and color has been shown to affect people in surprising ways. In fact, one study changed the streetlights in a city to emit blue light, and they found that it could have led to reduced crime. While there are countless other factors that are in play in studies like these, it’s still worthwhile to consider that something as small as color could have such an immense impact on a person.

Controlling the Mood of Your Environment

After a rough year in 2020 and a bumpy start to 2021, many people have processed the uncertainty and stress of the events in different ways. In fact, the CDC states that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a drastic psychological impact on countless people, causing them to feel angry, frustrated, sad, have physical reactions of stomach problems and skin rashes, and have even caused worsening chronic health issues.

Using color psychology, you may be able to help transform your environment into one that’s healing and healthy, simply by painting your walls and redecorating your home. With the right color in your work-from-home study and the perfect, relaxing shade in your bedroom, you can create a comfortable and uplifting environment with a simple paint job.

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